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How to Market Your Pet Sitting Business

There are many ways to market your pet sitting business, but the most reliable way is to give great service or value added services. These make your clients happy and they end up recommending you to others. Next thing you know, you might not need to advertise yourself as much as you used to.

The first thing you can do when you start a pet sitting business is to prepare materials such as business cards, flyers, and brochures. Try to make them as colorful and attractive as possible. The aim of these paraphernalia is to catch attention and to get potential clients interested in your services. You may opt to distribute them personally or you can leave them in veterinary clinics or establishments that cater to pets. You can also put up fliers on community boards in supermarket, churches, recreation halls, parks and other public places where it is allowed.

Some also suggest creating door hangers for advertisements, but keep in mind that this is not allowed in some areas. You wouldn’t want to get into trouble, because it may reflect on your business.

A creative way of marketing is to give out cheap but cute souvenirs that can attract attention or gain curiosity. There are companies that distribute magnets during the holidays or give them to their clients. One suggestion would be a nice sticker your clients can put in their cars or affordable giveaways that they can use often. With these, I am sure people are bound to notice your company and avail of your services. They might want to have the same freebies too.

Offer discounts and packages for your services. People always want to score a deal. This will entice them to hire you more often and encourage others to switch to your service. Special promotions and added services are also other things you may consider.

Join Pet sitting organizations and utilize their networks. These communities not only help you build more business, they add on to your credibility and help you gain more clients. Some associations like NAPPS offer a locating service – which helps clients find a sitter in their area. Pet events and trade fairs are also avenues you can utilize to market your company.

Maximize the use of the internet. Advertise yourself in social media sites like Facebook and twitter. If you have the know-how or the extra money, you should invest in a website that people can visit to find out more about you, your services and rates. This is a big plus because people will perceive you as a professional who takes his business seriously. You can also advertise yourself on other pet websites, forums and local directories like Craigslist. You will be surprised with the number of clients or inquiries you will get.

Lastly, be upfront and honest. There is no license for dog sitting but there are certifications you can get to be better at it. Avoid posting or providing information which can be debated and can cause misunderstanding. There is no better way to build a good business than to start with your existing clients. If you build a good relationship with them, they will use your services regularly. Frequent and return clients assure that your business will last and grow. Just make sure to maintain impeccable service.

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