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Different Kinds of Dog Treats

We often give our pets treats to please, distract and reward them for good behaviour. There are many kinds of treats available in the market. Choosing the right one depending on the size of your dog, the purpose why you are giving him treats and what it is made of. Always read labels and check the labels, because some dogs have allergies or adverse reactions to certain ingredients. Just like dog food, buy treats in small amounts just in case your pet doesn’t like them.

Here is a list of different dog treats:

  • Crunchy treats come in different flavours, shapes and sizes. Examples of this type of treats are biscuits, health bars, cookies and the likes. Pick one with ingredients that are of good quality.
  • Soft treats also come in various shapes, sizes and flavours. They are often used for training because they taste well. It can be consumed easily and it gives instant gratification.
  • Freeze dried and jerky treats are very tasty and are similar to human food. They usually come in liver, chicken, beef and seafood flavours. It is also often used as a reward when training.
  • Dental chews and bone like treats are made of hard yet digestible materials like cornstarch and other digestible ingredients are used instead. It is believed that it promotes dental health because it requires a lot of chewing to consume it. Dogs must be supervised when given this treat because they may cause blockages if inappropriate sizes are swallowed.
  • Special diet treats are made for dogs with specific needs. If you cannot find one in the market, you can make your own. It is best to consult your vet first before introducing treats to some dogs.

Aside from the ones I mentioned, there are other dog treats sold in stores, although they are not encouraged. This includes animal bones, hooves, rawhide, ears and bully sticks. They are all unsafe for various reasons. Some may cause choking if swallowed, while others are unsafe because they may be treated with chemicals that are harmful for dogs.

Human food treats are also often given as a reward due to convenience and the fact that dogs are considered as family members. Only fresh food is encouraged because they are healthy. Cooked or processed foods may contain seasonings or sauces that may be harmful for your pet. Never give dogs chocolates, grapes, raisins or onions because they are poisonous to dogs.

Treats can definitely please our pooches, but they should not make up more than 10% of his diet. Since there are plenty of treats out there, choose the one that best suits your needs and your dog’s diet. If you are in doubt, always ask a veterinarian for advice. They will probably recommend one that is suited for your pet. You can also try the hit and miss method until you find one that your beloved canine will love.


(1)  my dog likes pretty much any type of bone but we can't seem to find any cookies or chews the she will eat any suggestions        l. pal

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