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Dog Travel Medications

Its a fun experience to be traveling with your favorite dog. But before allowing your pet to travel anywhere far from your home, it is important to ensure that he is fit and healthy. You need to know as well that some dogs are not comfortable traveling by plane, train or car. It is for this reason that you need to prepare his medications.

Dogs can suffer from motion sickness, too, just like humans. Canines that are aggressive and high-anxiety are prone to becoming ill compared to dogs with low energy. Nothing to worry, though, as there are medications available to solve this problem during long trips.

If youre not sure about what medication to give, you must first consult your veterinarian. These are safe to use so you need not worry about serious side effects. Some prescription sedatives normally used for dog anxiety are acepromazine and diphenhydramine or Benadryl.

Acepromazine maleate is a veterinary medicine classified as sedative or tranquilizer. It is safe to use and can make a dog relaxed mentally for six to eight hours. Usually, this is prescribed to be given only as needed.
Dog owners who want to use medicines made from natural ingredients should consider a homeopathic product called HomeoPet travel. It can relieve various conditions such as nausea, motion sickness, anxiety and restlessness and can be given to cats and dogs.

There are also sedatives that can be used to prevent anxiety when traveling although this may not be recommended by your vet for air travel. Experts explain that while dog owners can be comforted by providing sedatives to their canines for travel purposes, many veterinarians dont prescribe particularly for animals placed in the cargo section. The reason is that the sedative can affect the dogs ability to regulate his body temperature. In addition, it can result in drowsiness that will only cause the animal not to regain his balance in the event turbulence occurs during the flight.

To let your dog take this medication, you need to break up the pill and then mix it in peanut butter or into a piece of bread. Put this in an empty bowl and let your pet consume it first. After youre sure that the medication has been consumed, follow-up with his regular food. Keep in mind that any medication should be taken with food.

If this is the first time that youre using travel medications for your dog, check for any allergic reaction. Should unusual symptoms appear, consult your veterinarian right away.

In cases when you need to ship your dog alone on an airplane, airline companies normally allow medications to be attached to the animals kennel. This must be accompanied by a letter from your veterinarian stating the name of the medication and recommended dosage for the dog. It would also help if you inform the person to receive your dog about the medication so he or she can prepare it in advance as well. Doing this step ensures that your animal will become comfortable upon his arrival at the destination.

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