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Dog Training Muzzles

Dog muzzles are used to train or discipline dogs who are aggressive or bark too much. These muzzles wrap around their snouts and it makes barking and opening the mouth difficult for them. These are used as extreme measures or instances when dogs do not respond to training. In some cities in Europe, some dog breeds like Pitt Bulls and Rottweilers must wear muzzles when they are in public areas. It is required by law.

Here are the different types of dog muzzles:

  • Fabric muzzles –are not used for training, but it is something you can take with you in the car and on a trip to the vet. These muzzles are also simple and inexpensive. They can stop dogs from barking or biting. Unfortunately they stop dogs from panting too and they do this to cool themselves. Do not leave it on a dog unsupervised because it might lead to a heatstroke.
  • Head Halters –are an alternative to a training collar. It looks similar to a muzzle, but it’s used for discouraging dogs to pull.
  • Police style muzzles –are safe because it has good air flow, but expensive. It is often made of leather.
  • Wire basket muzzles –have a good airflow just like police style muzzles. They are made of wire and these muzzles still allow pets to drink even if they are wearing them.
  • Plastic basket muzzles –is an inexpensive muzzle and it is similar to fabric muzzles. It is good for trips to the vet and walks.

    Muzzles are used for safety or for agitation. Safety muzzles are worn for short periods of time. It keeps dog’s mouth closed to prevent biting or excessive barking. The agitation muzzle on the other hand is used to prevent biting when aggression is required. This is why police muzzles are used when training dogs. It can be worn for longer periods of time and dogs can still have treats while wearing them.

    Agitation muzzles are often used for safety, training, socialization, experimentation, restraint and evaluation. It is for long term use in line with a training program. Proper care is needed especially for leather muzzles. Clean it after use and stuff it in paper to hold its shape if your dog is not wearing them.

    Just like anything else, it might take a while before your dog can get used to using a muzzle. Introduce the muzzle slowly, so that he will not be afraid of it. You can associate it with treats, so that he can enjoy it. Never force it on him because even if you are able to put it on now, he may make it difficult for the next time because he will associate it with a negative situation.

    Overall, muzzle training is often used to teach dogs not to bite. There are instances when aggression especially in police dogs is required. Wearing a muzzle prevents dogs from hurting his trainers or police handlers, but he is still required to be confident and aggressive given different scenarios.

    Muzzles have special uses and they are not advisable regular use unless your dog requires special training. Keep in mind that these can be quite uncomfortable and they can be costly too. Consult a veterinarian first to ask if it is advisable to give your dog a muzzle.

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