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Kinds of Dog Balls

Play is important for dogs. It is good for their physical and emotional health. It is also a way for pet owners to bond with them.
Dogs love balls and there are many games that can be played using them. There are indoor and outdoor ball games such as rolling, throwing, long range tosses (fetch), soccer and even ball boxing. Dogs will often chase after the balls or roll it with their muzzles.

Playing with pets is always fun, but you should also be on the lookout for aggression. If this happens simply stop the game. When playing with pets which tend to be competitive, always make sure that you win. Some dogs may think that you do not deserve to be the leader of the pack if he beats you. This may result in misbehaving or difficulties in training him.

Balls come in many shapes, sizes, colors. They are made of different materials too. Here is a list of different dog balls available for your beloved pooches:

  • Tennis balls are quite cheap. They can be found in dollar stores, but there are also tennis balls specifically made for dogs. It comes in different colors and sizes as well. Dogs love it because they bounce. Supervise your pet whenever he plays with a tennis ball because he may peel the covering and accidentally ingest it.
  • Rubber balls can be hard or soft. Most of them are shaped irregularly or may have dents, so that dogs can grip them easily. Soft rubber balls that squeak are also available. It deflates when squeezed. After you release it, it expands. Rubber balls are durable compared to others, but there are still some that can easily be destroyed. Make sure that your dog doesnt eat the small pieces.
  • Rubber balls with holes are toys which can contain treats. The dog plays with it and tries to get the treat inside. Some balls may also contain paste treats that dogs can lick while playing. Do not purchase balls with small items like bells inside because pets may swallow them.
  • Squeaky balls or balls with sound are common and dogs go crazy over the sound. Squeaky balls for dogs are safe as compared to human squeaky toys. The squeaker is embedded deep into the ball so there is no risk of choking or ingestion.

Before buying a ball, you must consider your dogs size and what kind of games he will enjoy. Big dogs may accidentally swallow small toys, while small dogs may have difficulties with big balls especially if they are bigger than them. Find toys that are reasonably priced and durable. Cheap toys that are often made in China break easily and may contain toxic paint that is hazardous to pets.

If your pet loves playing fetch, perhaps it would be a good idea to buy a ball launcher, so that you do not have to throw the ball all the time. It is less effort for you but more exercise for your pet, because launchers usually throw a good distance. Making time for your pet is important. You should engage in play with him, so it is best to choose a ball that can be used for activities you enjoy as well.

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