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The Chihuahua

The Chihuahua is the smallest known breed. Do not, however, be deceived by their size. They are known to be fearless and can attack large animals or humans when threatened. Despite being small, they are muscular and rather strong. They are loving and even-tempered to people they are familiar with, but have the tendency to bark or intimidate in the presence of strangers or other animals. Chihuahuas are pack animals but they are not welcoming when it comes to other breeds. They have a long life span and could live up to 15 years.

Origin & History

There are many versions of the origins of Chihuahua. They may have originated from China, Mexico, or Spain. The popular version is that Aztec nobilities rear Techichi breeds for ancient rituals. The Spanish conquerors discovered Techichi and brought the breed to China through the trade routes. The Techichi was then crossbred with Oriental hairless breeds thus producing the modern Chihuhua.

Details & Specifications

Being the tiniest dog in the world, an average Chihuahua measures merely 6 to 9 inches from the withers and weighs just about 2 to 6 pounds. It has a rather large head with a short muzzle that punctuates their short bodies.


The personalities of Chihuahuas can be extreme. Some may be grow up to be overly sociable while some turn out to be grossly antisocial. The temperament of Chihuahuas is highly dependent on how they perceive their owner. They have the tendency to be loyal to only one person and do not react well when they perceive that there is competition in affection. This is why Chihuahuas are not recommended when there are small children in the family. They are, by nature, clannish and prefer other Chihuahuas than any other breed. When the Chihuahua is excessively pampered, it has the tendency to crave for attention thus becoming hyperactive and overly eager to please. When it is neglected it tends to be aggressive.


Chihuahuas are a smart breed. Simple, repetitive training would bore them thus causing them to be rowdy. They do not respond well to strict, rigid training and prefer a more upbeat style of training. They are not perceptive to punishment and scolding. They are naturally stubborn so forcing a Chihuahua to do a task that it doesnt want is futile.

Caring & Nurturing (Haircut, Fur treatment, washing)

Chihuahuas with short coats need to be brushed occasionally with a soft bristle brush. During puppyhood, simply wipe the coat with a damp cloth. Bathing should be done once a month.

Common Diseases

The tiny bodies of Chihuahuas are prone to colds, stifle, rheumatism, and gum problems. Their protruding eyes make them susceptible to glaucoma and cornea dryness. They are also prone to fracture during puppyhood. When fully grown, however, their bones become harder. Some Chihuahuas suffer from Molera wherein a small section of the skull does not close up all through their lives.

Food, Equipment & Games

A Chihuahuas trachea is fragile and easily fractures. Therefore it is not recommended that they be put on a leash or a cord.

Chocolates or chocolate derivatives and by-products are not good for Chihuahuas.

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